Empty tags disappear

When you add ad tags, through the console. It doesn’t show up afterwards when you create the ad. Tags are only added when you add them in the right item when creating your ad.

Screenshot by Lightshot - the first screenshot, this is the section through which if you add tags - they will not be shown.

I cleared the cache, don’t know what the error is.

We need to fix adding tags through the console, in the ads section, so that they are shown when the ad is created.

Please try adding tags via some existing listings, if you added tags directly in Listings/Tags section, tags without listings will be removed automatically. This way only tags with at least 1 listing are left, it works this way to prevent flooding the database with user-defined tags (e.g. if you add a tag, then remove it, or if the listing is expired/removed), this also prevents showing tags with “not found” results in the search filters.

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