Enable price range slider

Hello guys,
I want to enable the price range slider for another attribute in the filtersection.

I have selected the same fields in the properties as above, but the slider is not displayed and you have to enter the min. and max. values manually.

Can u help me please?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


If you want to create the same sidebar filter, when adding a new attribute, please select Number Field Type in the Editing section, and in the Search section, select Number Range Field Type.

Please also note that this attribute shall be filled in the listings for the range to be displayed correctly.

Hope it helps.

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Hi nikita,

Thank you for the answer. I already picked the Number in the editing section and the number range in the search section.

But it doesn’t show me the green slider in the picture above.


Also, note that this slider will only appear if you have at least two listings with different values for this attribute.

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