Error when sending first listing after create a new account

Hi hivepress team,
With the option to have manual moderation activated i have a weird AND paintfull behavior.
The process with issue:

  1. new user create an account.
  2.              create his profile
  3.             create new listing
  4.              assign a package plan
  5.            pay with wooocmerce
  6.            the vendor was created in the backend (good)
  7.          but the problem is that the listing never been created  in the backend for pending review until a manual second try of created a new listing. (first time not happen nothing as you can see in the image, no listing in the  backend even though it was created by the user after pay with woo commerce)

the correct behavior is create the new vendor and also a new listing at one´s

thanks for the support! was a terrible experience try to explane this issue but i trust in you.

Please make sure that the payment methods are set up correctly Configuring WooCommerce Settings - WooCommerce depending on the gateways you enabled and the payment gateways which you have set up notify your website about successful payment. For example, PayPal should mark orders as Processing by default

I try for the fifth time. As you can see in the image, after the payment is made, the status is placed in processing, I have also configured it to appear in Completed order status.
However, the same thing happens. The listing is never created in either case. Both states do not work. Only the expert profile is created but never the listing.

Have you been able to replicate it?

I couldn’t reproduce this issue locally, but if disabling third-party plugins and un-publishing attributes for a moment doesn’t resolve this issue please send temporary WP access via email to and I’ll check it.

Thanks, What means un-publishing attributes?

do you mean this section? It’s a bit strange because I don’t see any relation to the error

Yes, I recommend unpublishing all attributes for a moment (e.g. switch them to draft in bulk) and disabling all third-party plugins. If some attributes are not set up correctly they may cause this issue because the listing is re-validated automatically before it’s published on successful payment and some attribute values may not pass. If this issue persists please send temporary WP access via email and I’ll check it.

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