Error with price labels in filter

When searching for an item and you try to change the price filter, the max price shows with too many decimals

Steps to reproduce

Search listings and filter by price

Actual result

Max price is too many decimals

Expected result

Should be whole numbers

Extra details


Hi, go to edit the listing price attribute if you have one, and set the decimal to 0.

If not also go to woo commerce and change the decimal in settings.

Thanks, we did this for both (though set to 2 in case people want to list on the half dollar) and still no change :frowning:

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. a link to your site, steps to reproduce this issue or the error message you get).

Please check the listings price as the min/max value is based on existing listings. For example, if you add a listing with a price of $1 and a listing with a price of $10 then the min range value will be set to $1 and the max range value will be set to $10

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Thank you! This was fixed (our tester put a very high price for a listing and it messed up the view).

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