Examples of memberships and how restrictions are given or prevented in plans

Could I get some examples of membership plans and how they are set up in hivepress?

I am trying to set up a plan where specific listings are restricted based on someone being a member of a chamber of commerce and paying for a plan for access to those.
I am struggling to make sure I set up the product, attributes of vendors/listings, ect to make this capability and feel examples of how others have set up memberships could be helpful to me.

If I have a chamber member, buy a “chamber member plan” then I can give them access to a specific attribute, and the ability to list certain listings with attributes? or can I restrict listings with certain attributes to only be viewed by those with certain vendor attributes?

You can restrict access to all listing pages (including search and category pages), single listing pages, or certain listing attributes. Also, you can restrict access to certain features, such as sending messages or submitting reviews.

Restrictions by default are specified in HivePress > Settings > Memberships, for example, listing attributes restrictions. Those attributes selected for a plan in the membership plans will be restricted and opened only if you buy this plan.

It will work in such a way that specific attributes/listings will be seen only by chamber members with the appropriate plan.

Please let me know if everything looks clear for you or if you have any additional questions.

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