Experthive theme (Price vs Hourly rate)

I don’t understand why the user must add the price and the hourly rate.

The price means maybe the total then the user should divide it .
it’s a bit

Question ;
After I add some attributes to the vendors when I try to list a service it redrict me to complete Profile even that I fill all fields of my profile it stil redrict me to complete
I can’t list a service via front end.

The Hourly Rate is just a custom listing attribute imported with the demo content, it’s not linked to any payments and used just to indicate the hourly rate. If you enable Marketplace & WooCommerce you can delete this attribute since it duplicates the Price one, the Marketplace adds the Price field by default and it’s linked to the actual payments.
If the vendor Complete Profile form just refreshes please try to disable third-party plugins (in case if it’s a caching issue) and make sure that there are no hidden yet required vendor attributes that may cause this issue.

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I have a question. I want to change the service listings to just price instead of price per hour. How can I go about it

if you want to use only Price instead of Hourly rate
you need to install Markeplace Plugun then
Go to your Dashbord-Listings—Attributes — delete Hourly rate

update some list by adding the price then a new button will be activated (Buy Now


Thank you so much

Thanks a lot


How can I reduce the sizes of my services listing and request listing. So that 5-7 listing can show in a page.

Please try to edit Regular Listings per Page or Featured Listings per Page settings in HivePress/Settings/Listings to change the number of listings per page

I want to reduce the size of the each block. I want it smaller not a big as what I have there. How can I go about it?

Please clarify if you mean some specific changes, e.g. reducing the paddings, making font smaller? Specific styling changes will probably require CSS tweaks.

how to reduce the paddings and also how to add CSS

It’s possible to add custom CSS snippets in Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS field.

Please note that specific customizations that are not covered by the available settings and options are beyond our support scope (it includes guidance about the features and fixing bugs). While we often help with common snippets, unfortunately, we can’t customize a website for you, but you can consider hiring a freelancer for this, e.g., on Fiverr

You can also check this forum (there are many snippets and solutions) or our code snippet collection (there are mostly PHP snippets) Search · user:hivepress · GitHub

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