Expiration based on the date range

Using Date custom attribute I was able to get the listing to expire or be hidden, works fine for one date.

What if two dates were needed and the last date selected was the expiration date?

Is there a date range option I am missing or do I need an extension?

The Date Range type is available for attributes, but for the Search context only (not for Edit yet). Please send more details about this issue, do you mean that you added a custom function that expires listings based on a custom Date attribute value?

Scenario: Event hosted on Dates X &Y, user submits event for Date X but needs it for both X & Y. The listing should remain until Date Y but won’t display correct Date X if the last date is used for expiration.

I set it up so there are 2 dates and if a one day event both days need to be the same. If on 2 dates, the expiration date becomes the last day of the event

Sorry, there’s no such functionality at the moment, the listing expiration depends on the Expiration Date only - it accepts a single date and can’t be edited in the front-end listing form, by default it’s set by the site admin or extensions (e.g. Paid Listings extension). This would require a custom implementation.

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