Explanation needed about how to deal with different process inside the theme

Hi @yevhen and @ihor

First, Guys I am totally impressed of all the things you do for us :slight_smile: You are really amazing!

I am testing everything now and there are different things are unclear for me. I Think guidelines of good practices and how to deal with different process inside the theme would be an amazing way of clarify the use of the theme. A tutorial explaining step by step all the process: from the booking to the payment to the Host. Would be EXTREMELY USEful It will also decrease the amount of queries you receive. If there is clarity with this, people would not need to ask. If there is something already like this please share with me, it would be extremely helpful.

A guideline that explain and show:

  1. How users need to interact with the dashboard and how each tool in the dashboard works from both the vendors/hosts and users perspectives.
  2. How Admins can control that everything goes smooth in the platform.

Particularly I have issues to understand how me as an ADMIN should deal with:

  1. Confirmation that indeed the guesss/vendors delivered the services
  2. The process to pay the guess/vendors
    3)If the service was delivered how do I make sure that users receive the link for the review?

As a host/vendor:

4)How do I inform to the platform that I successfully delivered the service?
5) How do I claim my payment?
6) How do I report if something went wrong and was not able to deliver a service?

As an user:
7) How do I report that indeed I received the service?
8) How do I report that something went wrong and the guess/vendor did not delivered the service in the time agreed?

So right now I tried to do a simulation and follow the process to book a service, pay it and deliver it. but I feel stuck.

As a host, I received the notification of the booking, that someone did for today. In the dashboard I have indeed information about the booking, listing name, day, time, user name and the status say confirmed. The timeslot for that booking already passed and I I already “delivered” the service. How I as a host can confirm that I delivered the service? When I check the section received payments, the service has the “proccesing” status. what does it means that for me as a host?

As an admin, I am not sure how to deal with this. It is a manual process where I have to be constantly asking people if they delivered the service so I can change this manually in the back-end?

What exactly me as an admin need to do deal with this internal processes? Sorry I am just overwhelmed and not sure how back-end and articulate in this regard.


Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to improve the docs - we plan to release an all-in-one walkthrough for each theme.

  1. If you use both extensions then some Marketplace features may be not available or available on the order pages (not booking pages) because Bookings override the Marketplace extension and just uses orders as payment receipt pages. By default, if the booking is paid and is not canceled til the start date then the service is considered delivered (even if the customer doesn’t show up, there’s no refund since the booking wasn’t canceled). If you require customers to confirm that they received a service you can enable this in HivePress/Settings/Orders, then customers will have to click the Complete button on the booking order page. This will mark the order as Completed, and the order amount (minus the commission fee) will be added to the host account balance.

  2. Please check the payment flow description here How does Payout work? - #3 by ihor

  3. In the current version there’s no notification about this, but if you restricted reviews customers can review the booking listing after the successful payment (on the listing page).

  4. If you also require hosts to confirm that they delivered a service, you can enable this in HivePress/Settings/Orders, then hosts will have to click the Deliver button, the order will get the Delivered status and the customer will receive a notification, then the customer can click the Complete or Reject button asking for more revision. Usually this workflow is not used for booking websites, it’s more common for microjob marketplaces like Fiverr.

  5. Hosts can request a payout if there’s a non-zero balance.

  6. Customers have a dispute link on the order page for this purpose, or you can try creating a separate Contact/Help page on your site.

  7. If the order completion is enabled in settings then it’s possible via the Complete button.

  8. It’s possible via the Dispute link.

Please enable the order delivery in settings for this purpose, then hosts can mark the order as Delivered, then if you set some auto-completion time (number of days in settings) and the customer doesn’t object within this time, the order gets the Completed status. Customers can also Complete an order anytime after it’s marked as delivered, but auto-completion time is useful if the customer forgets to complete the order.

Hope this helps.

Hi @ihor,

Thank you s much for taking the time to answer each point. Very appreciated :slight_smile:

  1. Can you clarify which option in HivePress/Settings/Orders I have to tick?
    2 and 4. I think my main issue is that I do not see how the booking can have the status of completed. It is supposed that is shown here?: (Where it says processing?) or what does the processing mean?

Btw, is there a way that instead of the order number it says the information about the booking, title of the listing, and client? I also noticed that that number is different from the booking number, why?

I sell also gift card, the order (#712 and #733 on the screenshot) how do are marked as completed?

6 and 8. How do I set up the dispute link?

New query:
Why if I “delivered” the service it is not shown in the panel graph? Image below:

So to clarify, only when the order gets the status of completed is that the money is showed in the balance, and then vendors con ask for the payout right? and the only way to get the completed status if is the customers confirm that they received the service or after the days I set up as finishing period, right?


No worries, I’m glad I could help.

  1. If you want to require vendors to mark orders as Delivered, and also require customers to mark orders as Completed please check these options in HivePress/Settings/Orders Screenshot by Lightshot

2, 4. If you use Marketplace & Bookings, orders are basically just payment receipts linked to each booking, they contain the payment details while the booking page contain the booking details. The order status also affects the booking status, e.g. if the order is refined the booking is canceled automatically. The IDs are different because WordPress stores orders and bookings as separate database records, it sets a subsequent ID to each new record.

6, 8. It should appear on the order page (if you view it as a customer), also make sure that it’s enabled in HivePress/Settings/Orders.

  1. Yes, only completed order amounts are added to the vendor balance. You can leave the delivery requirement un-checked, then customers will have to just mark orders as Completed (confirming that everything is ok) or it’ll be auto-completed if you set the auto-completion period in settings.

So only when orders are completed are added to the graph right?

Yes, it works in this way

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