Export WPadverts listings to Hivepress

I’m using WPadverts but want to switch to Hivepress. Is there a way to export listings from wpadverts and import to Hivepress?


Unfortunately, we are not familiar with this service, so we cannot provide more details. You can import listings to our website using our Import extension Import - Allow users to import listings | HivePress Extensions

Thank you for reply.
So, if I can get an export to CSV of my “WPAdverts Listings” is it possible with this extension you provide to import listings (by the administrator) for all users so that every seller will find his existing listings under his account? What fields will I need in my CSV prior to import?
I need these information in order to buy the extension.
thank you


Unfortunately, no, each vendor needs to import lists separately. As for the fields, it depends on the ones you have in your file, I recommend you to look through this doc in more detail How to set up and import listings - HivePress Help Center

Ok, I understand. Just one last question: is it possible for administrators to create new listings and attribute them to others vendors (users)?
Thank you!


Yes, administrators can create new listings on the backend and assign a vendor to them.

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