Extensions are not received

Hello, I just brought all the extensions package but I can’t find any .zip file for the install on Wordpress.

Where are them?

Hola, in your email there should be a download button. Then click on it to open it.

Then in wordpress dashboard go to plugins. Click on add new plugin then click the icon on top right to manually download install. Drag and drop the zip file there from email.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, the email with the license key and download links seems to be sent Screenshot by Lightshot but I’ve just re-sent it again - please let me know if it’s received. If it’s not, please also check the spam folder.

The email itself contains the license key and a list of all the extensions with the download links. You can download and install extensions in the same way as regular WordPress plugins in WordPress/Plugins/Add New/Upload.

Thank you! I got them already!

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