Extra menu in the header section

Is it possible to add a smaller header frame under the existing header? Then the logo and logins can sit at one level and then category led headers can sit underneath in a separate header.
It makes a more pleasant user experience.

It’s a nice suggestion, but I’d prefere to keep the header navbar clean and filter through the listing/services page.

But you can customize this through a child theme, by changing the header.php file.

Thanks ,
For freelancer sites it’s a must. The current filtering is poor and doesn’t work well with subcategories. It’s a long way off matching the quality of established commercial sites.
If it was there as an option you could choose between functionally vs clean look.
I don’t have the skills to do as you suggest so hoping it could be added as a feature.
Thanks again

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this extra area. We also plan to add full compatibility with Elementor so building a completely custom header will be possible.


That will be useful. I’ve got a partial way round it for now but that functionality would be good.

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