Featured image don't display after bulk/external update

Everytime i update my listing using a bulk update plugin, the featured image from the listings in the .xlsx file stop beign displayed. The thing is that the image keeps uploaded and you can see it if you open the affected listing.

The only solution i’ve found is to remove and then upload the image again, the problem is that we already have some listing on our site. Could it be a wrong configuration while uplodaing the xlsx file or a plugin problem/limitation?

I’m currently using WP Import Export Lite by VJInfotech, as my import plugin.

Can you please explain in detail or send a sample file for import?

I can second this issue. And I have tested thoroughly, it isn’t being caused by any 3rd part plugins. Also, if you look at your demo site, here: https://rentalhive.hivepress.io/listing/beautiful-spacious-house/ the same issue I am having is present on your demo site.

Please update RentalHive to version 1.0.5, it should be ok now.

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