Few bugs detected

  1. when registering with google then log out and then log in again by typing email and password (no login with google) it says “user name or password wrong”.

register with google:
email: test1@gmail.com
password(of google); test123456

Then log out, and log in again with the user name and password (not clicking on login with google).
email: test1@gmail.com
password(of google); test123456

results: “username or password is wrong”

  1. Another bug - when choosing completion period with bookings so it starts to count the period after the order is made and not after the checkout date is passed.

For example:
I set the completion period to 1 day.
And user makes booking on 16/11/22. the booking dayes 26/04/23-29/04/23, so the booking will be completed on 17/11/22 (day after booking made) and not on 30/04/23 (1 day after checkout made)


  1. After order completed and inside the order details page there apears button “order again”. I think it’s a bug because there is no need the button “order again” in bookings because user can make booking again through the listing page, and also when clock on order again button it’s takes me to 404 page.

  1. Another bug, the delivered emails from the marketplace plugin sends to the vendor and not to the buyer.

“Hi, %user_name%! The order %order_number% of %order_amount% has been completed, click on the following link to view it: %order_url%”

  1. The bookings page and orders page show diffrent order numbers. it’s very confusing the regular user.

For example, the same order show on booking page as #8606 and on orders page #8584

Thanks for the details,

  1. This doesn’t seem to be a bug because the social platform password is not copied on your site while user is being registered, this would be a security issue, if you login with Google it’s password is not shared by Google (they wouldn’t be able to do this since nowadays passwords are not stored in plain text). Users registered via Social Login get random passwords that they can reset if required (e.g. currently passwords are required for irreversible actions like deleting an account).

  2. Yes, we’re aware of this issue, this option is not integrated with Bookings yet. Please consider leaving it empty because with Bookings the completion date is defined automatically, it’s the booking end date + 1 day.

  3. It’s possible to hide it everywhere but with a code snippet, for example try this one WooCommerce: Remove Order Again Button @ Checkout Page - TECHie Sandesh

  4. Please make sure that you test this using completely different customer/vendor account, with different email addresses.

  5. Yes, we plan to resolve this, currently it works this way because both orders and bookings are stored in the same WordPress database table so they get sequential IDs.

Thank you for all answers! you have the best support ever.

About number 4, Yes I checked it with completely different customer/vendor account but the email of order completed sent to vendor. can you check it on your side?

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Please note that the Order Completed HivePress email is sent only to the vendor. Users get emails from WooCommerce when the order is completed. Please check if the Completed Order email is enabled in WooCommerce/Settings/Emails

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