File Upload Issue in HivePress Repeater Fields When Publishing Listings

I am encountering an issue with HivePress when using repeater fields for creating listings. These repeater fields include both a file upload field and text fields. The problem arises when I publish a listing through the WordPress admin interface. While the text fields are saved correctly, the image in the file upload field is not being uploaded and saved.


  • I have set up a repeater field in HivePress for listings.
  • Inside this repeater field, I have included a file upload field alongside text fields.
  • When I attempt to publish a listing in the WordPress admin interface, the text fields are saved as expected.
  • However, the issue occurs with the image in the file upload field. It fails to upload and save.

This issue appears to be isolated to the file upload functionality within the repeater field. It’s possible that this problem is related to how HivePress handles file uploads in this specific context.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or assistance from the HivePress community regarding this issue. Thank you in advance for your help!


Please note that not all repeaters support internal field types, because repeater stores an array of values, but only text-like can be there, and to support other files, you will need a custom implementation.

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