Filter listings with the default "Booking Days" attribute

How can I reuse the default attribute “Booking days” to allow visitors to select only the reservation days they are looking for in the ad search filter? Furthermore, it would be necessary to be able to make the field mandatory when submitting the ad. Because currently I had to redo an attribute for the opening days (Monday to Sunday), in order to then be able to filter when searching for announcements, but it is duplicated when creating the ad.
Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, there is no such filter because the Dates filter replaces it. Users go to the site and select the days for which they need a listing, and the function checks whether these available days are included or not. As for Booking Days, they are not required because you most likely left all the days empty, which means that all the days are available.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you for this feedback. In this case, could you give me the appropriate modification to make the entry mandatory please? As for the gallery: Require uploading at least one image for listings #hivepress #listings · GitHub

Thank you


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