Filters in vendor listings

Some vendors will have lots of listings, so on their vendor page I need to filter these in the same was as other listing pages. There is no filter in the sidebar and I can’t find a widget that works.

I see somebody asked a similar question last year and you mentioned this would be covered in an upcoming update. Is this now an option? If not, is there a workaround as this is a key piece of my marketplace.



This feature is still on the roadmap, and we are planning to add it, we can’t tell you the exact time. Unfortunately, there’s no simple snippet for this, it requires a detailed custom implementation.

This is a real shame. Please consider introducing this soon as I imagine anybody paying for the Marketplace extension would require some level of filtering.

In the short term, would adding a third party filter plugin work on the vendor section?


Unfortunately, we haven’t tested such plugins, so we can’t give you more details. But most likely, you will need additional custom implementation and integration for a third-party plugin.

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