Fix Elementor header and add the filter form

  1. Checking here to see if anyone has a a CSS fix for Elementor master headers cutting off the search bar for the inner search pages.

  2. Also looking to add the ‘filter’ sidebar to a page built in elementor.



  1. Please try this CSS snippet:

.elementor-location-header {min-height:240px}

It may require adjustments for different screen sizes.

  1. Sorry, there’s no simple fix for this yet, template-specific blocks are available in HivePress/Tempaltes only and templates there are built with the core WP block editor, these blocks are not registered in Elementor.

The provided CSS snippet worked however any page created in elementor that is not hive press has a huge gap between the content. Can this snippet be adjusted to just the hivepress filter, listing, and vendor pages?

Please try this CSS snippet for listings and vendors pages

.hp-template--listings-view-page .elementor-location-header, .hp-template--vendors-view-page .elementor-location-header {

But please note that it can require further customization. If you are not familiar with the code customization then please consider hiring someone for custom work

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