Fixed or combined commission fees

Besides the existing percentage commission, it would be great to add a fixed commission (e.g. $2 per transaction) to HivePress. With a fixed commission you can simply calculate better in everyday business. Also the function to have a fixed commission + a percentage commission would also be useful.

Totally agree. Fixed + Pourcentage can be usefull to charge client for bank fees. which are often base on both a fixed and a porcentage taxe.

However after looking on woocommerce taxes I didn’t find the option to set up a fixed amount of charge so I think it is not possible.

I think this is possible, because other software like Dokan (Multivendor Marketplace) or WC Vendors support a fixed commission. So it must be possible. By the way, both plugins use WooCommerce.

Thanks for your feedback, we have this on the roadmap. This would also require setting the minimum price for listings, e.g. to $2 if you charge at least $2 commission fee.


Thank you for the effort :+1:

Indeed, you’re right.

Looking forward this update. :+1::+1:

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it would be nice if there was also an option to split orders. People who book a service only have to pay the commission online and pay the rest of the service on site (cash on delivery).

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Thanks for your suggestion, we also have this on the roadmap so this will eventually be added.

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