Fixed price for accepting offers


Am looking forward to integrating marketplace extension for my site but I need some clarification

When a user accepts an offer, are they charged the whole amount of the offer or a small ’ booking’ charge?’
I honestly don’t see a startup website collecting full charges.

  1. I have thought about the above issue. Maybe it can work like this( if it’s not already there) :

A. The budget field is constant for all requests
(Can translate budget to ', deposit:)
B. So after user accepts offer, they pay the fixed ’ budget ’ price.
C. The admin doesn’t need to collect any further payment as the user will pay the vendor directly after service (and admin will keep the fixed budget (deposit) sum

Is there a snippet you can assist for this?


If you mean HivePress Requests, there’s no partial payment feature at the moment, but we plan to implement it. When the offer is accepted, there’s a redirect to the checkout page with the full offer price (or budget if you don’t allow bidding). Some partial payment extensions for WooCommerce may work in this case though.

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