Form freezes when uploading more than 10 images

When I want to post an ad, and I put more than 10 images, the ad page remain freeze and I don’t know why, there should be two things:

  1. Option to set how many images I want to upload
  2. Some error message when something is not good so I know what to do.

How can I proceed here? Please advice how can I change images limit on posting ad ?

The default limit is set to 10, there should be an error displayed if more than 10 images are uploaded. If the form freezes please check the PHP error log - there’s a detailed error that will help to detect this issue. It’s most likely caused by the server limitations, because we use the native WordPress function for uploading files - the rest is done by the server.

Please try this code snippet to change the limit Change the maximum number of images per listing #hivepress #listings · GitHub