Fortcoming in Bookings Plugin Functionality

  1. In experthive Listings, it is ideal for an expert to enable the buyer to make a booking by selecting the date and time slots, with booking being done primarily as per number of places and date with time slots being secondary and not linked to price.

  2. In doing so, a person should be able to select multiple time slots at once for every day for entire date range (number of days selected) or should be able to select multiple time slots for each day seperately.

  3. This is important as in most cases, even if an expert has set standard time slot for say, 1 hour, but the specific task may require more time, or for that matter, two visits to the buyer’s residence per day. Hence, the price should not be muliplied with the time slots selected, but should remain a function of Places and Days.

  4. The above is essential for experthive theme and I would appreciate if the Hivepress developer team can work upon it and issue an update for Bookings plugin in this regard at the earliest.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding these features.

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