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Hi there,

I have some questions regarding the user flow and payment options.

I’ve created a marketplace using ExpertHive where freelancers show their work by uploading their listings. These listings are not specific services you can buy, but past projects they’ve worked at so clients can see all their work and hire them for a particular project. For this reason, there is no way vendors can put a price on their services because prices are project-dependent.

My first idea was: when the vendor and client come to an agreement on price, the vendor would request a payout of the service for the amount agreed. However, now that I’ve seen that Stripe Connect is included, I would like to process the payment via Stripe.

My question is: is there any way the vendor can either create their own “product” to sell the client once they’ve agreed on price, or a way to request the payout via Stripe with the exact amount they’ve agreed on without the existence of a propper order that the client needs to buy?

I’m struggling to understand the purchase / order placement / payment workflow.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @rocioperezza I have a very similar project and also struggled!

the solution I used was to separate services that require to negotiate the price or the professional need to evaluate the final price, from products or services that have a fixed price.

So for the categories that require negotiating, I removed the price option and unmarked as selling category on marketplace.

for these specific categories, that dont have fixed price, I added a button “Request Quote”, that is the button for private requests. This button shows on all listings that dont have a fixed price. It is not connected directly to the listing because it is a private request without showing it was to that particular listing, but professionals understand when they receive the request if you create a good private request form.

When they receive the request, experts can make an offer. This offer will create a product on the plataform automatically

so the problem is solved when the offer is created because there will be a link to pay

For the services or products with fixed prices, I use the normal checkout process

I also added a deposit function for the “non fixed price services” to portect the platform.

The person who hires pay 50% of the amount on deposit when the deal is closed, the other 50% is paid directly to the professional in a date they agree on. This will potentially avoid a lot of trouble. From the 50% that was paid, I already take the platform tax.

I dont use stripe, I only release funds to experts after 14 days.

For the fixed price services I dont use the deposit plugin, they pay 100%

Good luck!

Hi @rudy ! Thank you so much for your explanation, I will try to adapt your solution to my project :slight_smile:

I do have some questions though, could you explain how private requests work and how to activate them? In the original ExpertHive theme, users can post a request and then experts can make an offer on that public request, however, I can’t see how they can send private requests directly to experts. Where do they receive this request?

Many thanks in advance!!


if you have requests extension, you can allow private requests option on hivepress configuration.
When you do that, a new button is created on vendor profile page. The button will be Send Request and will be a request connected to the vendor, not a public request. Open the vendor profile page and do a test, allow and then not allow the private request and you will see.

What I did is to include this Send Request button that is connected to the vendor also on all the listings of that vendor that need to first evaluate and then offer a price.

The best solution would be to have private request connected already to the listing, but hivepress doesnt have that yet, we can only connect to vendor.

take a look here:

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There are 2 ways to sell services via ExpertHive:

  • Using listings, customers can purchase fixed-price services with optional extras (the price and extras is defined by vendors). When the listing is purchased, a new order is created.

  • Using requests, customers can post custom requirements with a budget, and vendors can make offers with their bids. When the offer is accepted, the customer has to pay for it, this creates a new order.

Hope this helps.

It would certainly be useful to have the option to choose between fixed price and requests quote when adding listings.

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You can try using the snippet to make the price optional, then if there’s no price the Buy Now button will be hidden, but the Reply to Listing button will stay (it can be renamed via Loco).

Hola Rudy has conseguido que tu web funcione? Me refiero a que los usuarios se den de alta y realices ventas que te generen dinero ?
Te lo digo porque yo lo intento pero no se anuncia casi nadie.
Llevo solo 3 meses pero lo veo muy difícil.
Gracias por leerme

Hi Rudy, have you managed to get your website to work? I mean that users sign up and make sales that generate money for you?

I’m telling you because I try but almost no one is advertised.

It’s only been 3 months but I find it very difficult.

Thank you for reading me

Can you please explain this more. How do you make a certain category not have to put a price? Am I understanding that correctly. Specifically this part

“So for the categories that require negotiating, I removed the price option and unmarked as selling category on marketplace. for these specific categories, that dont have fixed price, I added a button “Request Quote”, that is the button for private requests. “

I am very interested In.

Hi @dev and @APORTODAS ,

sorry english is not my first language.

What I did is to hide the price, so when the expert is creating the listing there is no price option. Also no price is shown when listing is approved

I created a default attribute, position Primary on listing block, and primary on listing page (same postion as price would be) and used an expression like “Price Negotiable”, could be Request a Quote, etc … in my case is “Valor à Combinar”

At the same time, I created a mandatory lisitng attribute that is something like this

$ 0 - 1.000
$ 1.001 - 2.000

Experts want to define some minimum ammount, they just dont want to add a maximum. So this way they can have a bases for the price.

When you hide price it creates a problem for searching, I wanted to make possible to still be able to search according to price range, without experts need to define a final price.

When someone visit experts listings, there is the private request button. It will make possible for the expert to make an offer, this will create a product that can then be paid.

@APORTODAS I already had many experts before on my website, so I just migrated to hivepress. Now my experts are including their services, I also sell a “profile verification” to add the Verified Icon on their profiles.

In case you want to know the codes I used, I believe it is possible to click on my name here and see the posts I created. Hivepress team helped me a lot, they are amazing.


Hi @ihor , thank you for your response. My problem is that I’m already using requests for another purpose and I cannot use them privately so that option wouldn’t work for me. Is there any way to skip the part when the client sends a private request to the expert to create an order and a product that can be paid for? Maybe placing the make an offer button on the vendor’s profile so the client can make an offer once they’ve agreed on the price via message, and the vendor can accept it to create the order?

Many thanks in advance

Thank you very much for the clarification @rudy. I truly do appreciate it. I just want a little more clarification as i really like what you have done with your setup. How did you hide the price section in the listing form? Was it just with CSS or is there a setting? I thought it was an attribute at first but i noticed you cannot turn it off from that. This part here

What I did is to hide the price, so when the expert is creating the listing there is no price option.

I want to make it so that the price is not an option for a specific category. but all the other categories must enter a price.

Furthermore, do you know if it’s possible to do this for employer listings also, say for example i create a category called “Volunteer” and employers can post listings that are for volunteer work so will not be paid for work. Therefore no need to enter a price for the listing. Also, @ihor is this possible?

Hello @dev

	function( $attributes ) {
		if ( isset($attributes['price']) ) {
			$attributes['price']['categories'] = [30,47,125];

		return $attributes;

You see the 30,47,125 ?

those are the IDs of the categories you want to show the price.

to find the ID, go to Ads- Categories and click Edit on it. If you look to the address on the browser, you will see an ID number

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You are incredible. thank you very much @rudy :). Also, I wanted to ask, if you would be interested in sharing your website with me privately and I can also share mine with you also. Or do you prefer to keep it private, if so i understand.

Hello @dev , what is your email? I can send you the link for sure!

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Awesome, you can send it to my personal email @

Sorry, there’s no other way in the current version, an order is created only in 2 cases:

  • A listing is purchased (fixed price with optional tiers and extras)
  • An offer is accepted (variable price, offers are always linked to a request)

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