Frontend Admin Dashboard

I would like to suggest a front-end admin dashboard for Hivepress management where the admin can approve requests, listings, payouts, etc., without going through the default WP admin dashboard. This will be a great addition to the already great plugin.

Thanks for your suggestion - we’ll consider adding it, maybe a common page with all the available listings and extra actions like approve, reject, etc.

This would be a great enhancement for me, as well.
In particular, I’d like the admin to receive an e-mail when a listing is entered, with a link to a page in which he could see the listing and approve/discard it.

It should work this way by default, please check if there’s a new Listing Submitted email sent for every new listing (sent to the email address you set in Settings/General).

Well… yes… kind of.
Once a listing is posted, the administrator receives an email with a link to the newly inserted listing and he can view it. Then, he must go to the dashboard, select “Listings” and scroll through the list.
It would be handy if the page displaying the newly inserted listing would display (for admins only!) a set of buttons allowing him to discard it, approve it, …, without having to access the dashboard.
This would be very handy for administration from a mobile devices, in which the use of the dashboard may be somehow difficult.

There should be a direct link to the back-end listing edit page for this new listing, if the administrator is already logged in they can simply change the listing status from Pending to Published. Please let me know if the link redirects admins to a different page (it should be the back-end listing edit page).