General feedback from real vendors for rentalhive

Dear @ihor and team,

I want to share important feedback from our vendors (only real customers):

The calendar and the messaging is the main tool for the vendors. Currently we have to solve the following issues:

  • One calendar that shows all events in the vendor dashboard: this is by far the most requested feature from our vendors. They literally tell us that they won’t use our service until they can see the data without “wasting time”. These are vendors with more than one listing, since the complexity to manage properties adds up.

  • Issues with synchronisation: many vendors won’t use our direct booking service because of the latency in synchronisation. The free google/yandex/apple calendar etc. solution is almost useless since the risk of double bookings and overbookings is high especially for vendors with good properties and high demand.

The solutions here on our market is to either use a third party like a channel manager or improve the experience ourselves by building our own calendar that allows more synchronisation option.

  • Mobile calendar is not working: as reported here already, there is an issue with the display of the calendars on mobile. @ihor mentioned that this will be improved, which is truly necessary since it is breaking the user experience.

  • Difficulty to receive/write Messaging is reducing interaction down to 0%: Another issue we are facing is how to make sure vendors can check their messages from potential hosts immediately. Most vendors on our market don’t check emails. Email notifications are of the past as they describe. This means that a vendor will not even see/consider a booking request received from a potential guest. Most sales on our site are generated by direct bookings.

I am already very glad that the Hivepress Webapps works well on mobile and I hope that this can be improved even further such as with the option to integrate push notification.

Hope this helps make Hivepress (we use rentalhive) even better.

Thank you for every update!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, especially based on real-life testing - we’ll try to improve Bookings in any case. I added these suggestions to the project backlog.

The common calendar and mobile issues are already noted, unfortunately we can’t control the Google Calendar latency, but if you use platforms like Airbnb they claim to check the iCal URL every 5 minutes. We’ll consider adding SMS and/or push notifications for messages.

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@ihor thank you as always for keeping an open ear to us the users. Very grateful! A reason why I will build a new project with HP.

Regarding Google: I know, which is why we try to improve whatever we can offer to the hosts by ourselves.

If there is a way for HP to implement SMS and/or push notifications any time soon, please let me know. On our market, we see many Webapps with push notifications to social platforms like telegram, WhatsApp, etc. This could help avoiding building mobile apps for android and apple.

There’s no ETA for this feature yet, but we definitely plan to add SMS and possibly push notifications. If you have a developer for custom work this can be implemented with customizations, e.g. if you hook custom functions to the email actions Home | HivePress Hook Reference

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