General Terms and Conditions when Registering - link is wrong

When someone register he / she can register without putting in further information.

  1. Is there a way to request further information already there?
  2. Where can I edit or change the link , it does not link to the General Terms and Conditions page.


  1. It’s possible to add custom fields for vendors in Vendors>Attributes, and they’ll have to fill them before adding the first listing, but it’s not possible for regular users yet. Although you can move some fields from the profile form to the registration one with this code snippet Add first and last name fields to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub
  2. You can select a page for this in HivePress>Settings>Users>Registration section. The chosen page will be linked in the “I agree to…” checkbox.
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Hi Yana,
Thanks so much.

  1. Is there any chance to request more information from the User or is it: First and Last name etc. And then the User needs to fill in more info?
  2. We will try this.

Hi Yana, I saw in one of the Communities posts that its possible to setup an own signing in page outside of Hivepress and then link to the Profile. Can you elaborate how this works?

There’s no such option for regular users yet, but it’s possible for vendors if you add attributes in Vendors>Attributes and mark them as Editable. If you mark some attributes as Required, vendors will have to set them during the registration or when adding a listing.

Linking a third-party registration form would require customizations, e.g., to map third-party fields to the HivePress profile fields, and adding these fields to the HivePress profile form would be required anyway.

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