Geolocation features not working


I have geolocation set up with MapBox, but there are two issues which i can’t find a solution for.

First, I have the ‘hide the exact address’ box checked, but the exact address is shown on each listing. It’s important the exact address isn’t displayed before an agreement has been reached between a buyer and seller.

Also, location works well when listing an item or using the search bar, but there is no option for a buyer to filter by ‘distance from me’. If the seller can set their location then I assume this should be a filter option?



  1. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work for MapBox yet, but we plan to add it.

  2. Please try enabling Allow users to change radius in HivePress > Settings > Geolocations, then on the frontend will be able to adjust the radius depending on the entered address.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks. Would that feature be enabled with Google Maps?


Yes, this feature works with Google Maps.

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