GeoLocation Not working for logout users


I have issue with Geolocation search feature ,
If any user is login then map search is done, but if any user is logout then map search is not done, Please give me the solution of the problem. Error image link is given below.

Image url

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This is most likely a caching issue, caching plugins often minify and combine JS scripts for logged-out users only. Please try disabling all third-party plugins and check if this issue persists.

i deactivate " LiteSpeed Cache" plugin Now map and geolocation is working, Thank you for help.

I also want Mobile OTP Login for users along with your login form, do you have solution?

Please check this tutorial on setting up LiteSpeed with HivePress, it’s actually useful for improving the performance when set up correctly How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog

Currently there’s no OTP feature in HivePress, but it’s on the roadmap.

Thank you for your reply.

Can i expect discount on social login plugin :wink:

Please try this one, it’s valid for another 2 days: BYESUMMER

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