Geolocation: Typing in location brings up all listings

First off, I’m using MapBox here. So perhaps GoogleMaps doesn’t have this problem?

But I was just testing out the search feature on my site and I noticed if I type in a location instead of typing and then selecting one of the options coming in from Geolocation autosuggest, brings up all the listings in my search instead of the specific location I’m searching for.

Just to be sure, since as you may be aware, we forked this search box, I switched themes and then used the standard Listing Search widget in the block editor. Same problem exists.

Tried it in the ListingHive demo (which also uses MapBox) and same problem. Really interesting.

Yes, if you just type the test without selecting the location from the Mapbox API (or Google Maps), then the location is basically not searched because only selecting the API suggestion sets the latitude/longitude in the hidden fields, or region (if you enabled Regions). We’ll try to resolve this in the next update, possibly by clearing the field if no item is selected and the field loses focus.

Certainly hope so. I think a number of users will just attempt to type things in and get nowhere with doing that. Reality wise, this should have been addressed a long time ago.

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