Google map API key is displayed on website

Hi, received an email from google saying the API key is being displayed on our website, but should be kept secret.

All the recommended restrictions are in place - have been from the start. How can we prevent the key being displayed?


Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you get)(if it is personal data or keys, you can send it to our mail

ok - have emailed

We got yesterday the same email from Google

I got the same email from Google today, if you look at the source code it shows the Google Maps api, is that intentional?

Yes, it’s totally ok since Google requires an API key for embedding maps via JS, the key has to be appended to the JS script URL in the website source code. The most important thing is restricting this API key to your website URL, then it’s safe.

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