Google OAUTH Doe'snt Work

I’m currently stuck on google authentication on signup.
After setting up the google developer account:
-installation of google+ and activation
Project creation + creation of an identification key
I then entered the key in the part of the hivepress-integration site - in the google ID part.
in front-end after trying nothing works, do you have a solution for this?

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. a link to your site, screenshots, or the error message you get).

I have two google button which after entering the google IDs.
do you think you can help me to solve this problem?

then here is the message received.
I solved this problem by using the link found in hivepress->user->Redirect URL to register it in the google developer console.

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Thanks for posting the solution! Yes, redirect_uri is also required for other methods like Facebook, it can be copied in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration section.
Please also consider disabling the Authentication extension, it’s a deprecated version of Social Login so it’ll duplicate the login buttons like on the screenshot you sent.

Ihor ok but the social plugin I bought it for 29 dollars 3 days ago ! In this case I will have to ask for a refund if it is of no use.

Please let me know if you managed to set up Social Login, if I understand correctly setting the Redirect URI worked?

If you mean Authentication extension, it’s deprecated and not supported/updated anymore, I recommend disabling it in WordPress/Plugins. The Social Login extension will work fine if you disable the Authentication one.

thank you Ihor. it’s resolved