Google Pay and Apple Pay not displayed with stripe payment method


Steps to reproduce

You have to use Stripe as the payment method on woocommerce and activate Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods.

Actual result

It was working very well in the past but for some weeks now I have this icon display instead of Apple/Google Pay :

Expected result

I expect having Apple/Google Pay methods displayed.

Extra details

My website to try this :

Thanks in advance for your help.

Cordially, Zak.

Please try to do these step by step:

  1. Activate the default theme
  2. Deactivate HivePress plugin.
  3. Refresh the checkout page.

And check if this issue persists.

Hello Andrii,

Can you please detail which default theme you are talking about ?


I tried it with HivePress Plugin disabled :

But this is still the same :

Okay problem solved.

I had to use Safari to see Apple pay and use Google chrome to see GPay.

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