Help Customizing the Account Page

I am trying to rebuild the user account page to make it more modern/mobile friendly. As it currently stands, the account menu is small and hard to navigate on mobile devices:

However, I cannot find the account template so I can customize this page/layout. I can only find account/settings/ template.

I also noticed that there is a page with recieved orders and a page with placed orders. The first one is part of the vendor role “account/vendor/orders” while the other is part of the regular user role “/my-account/orders”. They are styled differently, and it’s a bit confusing:

recieved orders

I would like to merge these to, but giving them the same style, and just seperating them with a “Tab” on the page: Placed / Recieved or Bought / Sold .

Moving on to my last question, and it has to do with the dashboard. I would like to also customize the display of the dashboard, making it more interesseting. How can I pull out the dynamic statistics from the dashboard, like Orders# and $Revenue and insert it into a more custom display?

Thanks in advance.


If you’re familiar with PHP customizations please check this tutorial Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube It’s possible to customize HivePress templates by overriding blocks via hivepress/v1/templates/* hooks or by overriding the template parts via a child theme.

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