Hide all listing info from non-members


I’m trying to find a way to restrict non-members from viewing any listing information whatsoever (attributes, pictures, location, etc.). None of the information contained in a listing should be accessible to non-members (and unregistered users). They should still be able to view categories and the number of listings in a category, but they shouldn’t be able to view the information within them or on the listing cards.

I tried setting “Single Page” and “All Pages” under Hivepress → Settings → Memberships, but users are still able to view basic information about a listing (specifically: pictures, location, title, date added) in pages that show an overview of the listings (e.g. a page where all listings are displayed, in sliders containing a selection of listing cards, in the subdirectory of a category, etc.).

How would I go about this? Might there even already exist a code snippet for this?


Unfortunately there’s no such restriction level in the current version, it’s not possible to hide the whole card while allowing to view the category with the search pages. Please consider restricting all the attributes instead (hiding the image is also possible but requires code changes), or use the All Pages restriction (but category pages will redirect users to the Plans page).

Thanks, ihor. I’m now using the All Pages restriction, and when an unregistered user goes to the Listings page, they are redirected to the Select Plan page. Similarly, when they browse to the Categories page and then try to view the listings in a category, they are also redirected to the Select Plan page. And when they try to search for something, they are again redirected to the Select Plan page. This is exactly what I want.

For a registered user with a Free plan, the behavior when browsing to the Listings page is the same as above. But when the Free user clicks on a category, they can see the overview of listings matching their search criteria. Similarly, when they search via the homepage’s search bar, they are also able to view the listings.

How come the behavior is not the same for both, and how can I implement the limits of unregistered users to Free members, too?

Oh also, I currently have the Listings page under Pages in the Free plan, as well as all listings attributes. In the other/paying plan, I have no content in either of those fields.

Under Hivepress → Settings → Memberships, I have All Pages under Listings, and Attributes under Vendors. Everything else is blank. I also deactivated all third-party plugins and cleared cache and cookies.

So TL;DR: the listings still show under https://domain.com/?post_type=hp_listing&latitude=&longitude=&_region=&_category=&s=&location= (with any choice of filters, of course) and under https://domain.com/listing-category/categoryname/.

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