Hide button add listing some people

Hi! Of course, I will not be unique and will ask again a question about adding a listing. Any visitor can register on our site. And so what is the task.

  1. All visitors before and after registration do not see the add listing button.
  2. There is a separate page on the site where a registered user can apply and, after approval by the administrator, become a seller.
  3. After the administrator approves the application, the visitor becomes a seller, and the add listing button appears in his personal account.

How can this be implemented? If this task is solvable, I am ready to buy your full package of plugins right now :slight_smile:


It actually works this way by default, by approving/rejecting the first listing of a user you can decide whether this user can become a vendor. If you reject a listing, the user stays a customer, if you approve it then user gets a vendor profile and extra account pages specific to vendors. If you don’t want to show the Add Listing button on every page please hide it with this CSS:

.site-header .hp-menu__item--listing-submit {display:none}

Then you can add a landing page for vendors and add it to the header menu or elsewhere, e.g. “Become a vendor”, describe the benefits there and use the “/submit-listing” URL for any links or buttons to redirect users to this “register as a vendor & add the first listing” process.

Hope this helps.


Where should I submit that CSS line? On php snippets ?


You can set all your CSS code snippets in the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS section.

If you want to add PHP code snippets, please try using this plugin Code Snippets – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

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