Hide import on the front-end

Is there an option to import CSV file from Wordpress admin panel only and not to have this feature exposed to front end of the website? (ex. I would like to have my team helping other vendors uploading listings from the backend)

Please disallow importing listings in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Submission, this will hide the import button for regular users but it should be still visible to admins.

Thanks - and for admins , can I do this from site front end of also from wordpress admin panel, if so - how?

I, as ADMIN would like to import listings for vendor X - so listings are assigned to that vendor X and not o admin. Is this possible ?

  1. Please try this PHP snippet to remove the import listing button for users except for users with administrator roles. Sorry for the confusion, but this button is only on the front end, there is no import listing button on the admin panel
			hivepress()->template->fetch_block($template, 'listing_import_link');
		return $template;
  1. Yes, it is possible to set vendors. Please try to add the column with the username or email of the user of the vendor to your CSV file. Then it is possible to set this column in the field User on the import process

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