Hide the search filters and show listings in 3 columns

how to remove the filter block so i can adjust to 3 column search result.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Using custom CSS and PHP code snippets for hivepress/v1/templates/listings_view_page hook.

  • Using Templates it’s possible to re-build the Listings page completely Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

Please note that the filters form contains important options, for example the Open Now and Set Search Alert links would be hidden.

search result page is same listing page?

Yes, there’s the same layout for the listing search and category pages, and for the page that just displays all the listings. Please note that the Listings page in WordPress/Pages is just used to define the listings page URL, it doesn’t override the page template. To override this template completely, you can follow these steps if required Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube Another way is using code customizations if you’re familiar with WordPress code basics.

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