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I’ve recently changed my settings to direct payout mode, so that only my commission is paid online and the rest of the payment is paid to the vendor directly.

However during test payments i noticed that when a sale has been made, on the vendors dashboard it shows the commission revenue only, however this is wrong as the commission belongs to the website owner and this is not a measurement of vendors revenue earnt.

For example

Buyer books a listing £100 service
Pays partial payment of £15 ( website commission)
Will pay £85 pounds directly to vendor after job is completed.

On the the vendors dashboard instead of showing £85 in revenue, it shows £15. This is whats been paid to the website owner and has nothing to do with the vendor.

It should show £85 in revenue. Can someone look into this and fix this as it’s very confusing for the vendor


Thank you for your feedback, we are aware of this bug and will fix it in the next updates.

Hi Andrii,

Do you know when the next update will be? I was planning to launch this week.


Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date, but we plan to publish a public roadmap this month.

Hi Andrii, Where can i see the public road map? And is there any option to disable the dashboard for now until this issue is resolved?


We plan to publish the public roadmap this month. To hide the dashboard, please use these CSS snippets:

.hp-template--vendor-dashboard-page  {
	display: none !important;

	display: none !important;

Please note that it can require further customization.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you Andrii, Im just wondering is there a way i can just remove the revenue figures from the dashboard but keep the number of orders?

Also I’m on direct payment mode now so when buyer make a booking they see the following page which shows the full price (in example below the full price is £5) however as the buyer will only be paying a partial payment can i have some texts near the £5 that says something like only a partial payment is required for the booking or better yet…

where it says ‘price’ it can say ‘partial payment’ and then the payment price based on the percentage thats set in hive press?

Additionally in the order details where it says Direct Payment (see pic underneath) i’d like to add some more texts in brackets saying ( you pay this directly to the service provider) How can i do this please?


Unfortunately, there are no simple PHP snippets available here, this would require a detailed custom implementation.

So there is nothing i can do to change the texts ‘add details page’ and ‘order summary’?


  1. For the booking details page, please check this topic How to change the Add Details page title - #3

  2. Regarding the checkout page, please try to change this string in Loco Translate > Plugins > WooCommerce.

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