HivePress 1.6.13

  • Added new helper functions for customizing templates
    Now it’s easier to customize HivePress templates with code snippets, template initialization is 10x faster, memory usage is 2x lower (developer docs to be updated).
  • Added option to make attributes specific to other categories
    It’s possible to make attributes specific to third-party categories, e.g. it’s useful for making bookings specific to the listing categories.
  • Added plugin installation date to usage sharing
    Just a notice for those who enabled the usage sharing, the installation date is also sent now so it’s possible to check the oldest HivePress-powered websites.
  • Fixed creating vendor profile drafts
    There was a bug when a vendor profile draft was created if there’s at least 1 custom vendor attribute, it’s fixed now.
  • Fixed deleting rejected vendor profiles
    If the listing was rejected, the vendor profile draft stayed and required manual removal, now it it’s the first user listing and it’s rejected, the vendor profile is also moved to Trash.
  • Fixed image slider for RTL layouts
    The listing image slider was broken for RTL layouts.

Hi @ihor
any news for the “multiply” function per “price by the number of places”?
There was a jQuery conflict, I remember that.

@ihor oui et aussi, le détails des prix dans la réservation devait être dans la mise à jour ??? merci

Wonderful! Thank you!

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If you mean the price refreshing issue (when the booking form changes too fast) it’s scheduled for the next update, sorry for the delay.

This was the core HivePress update, but the HivePress Bookings extension update is still scheduled, we’ll try to update it as soon as possible.

Fixed image slider for RTL layouts” is still not working properly.
I change to RTL but still, the image slider remains broken.

.hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__images {
    direction: rtl;

Please try this CSS snippet instead

    direction: ltr;

What does this code do?

It fixes the listing image slider on the listing single page on the right-to-left websites

I know that this is what fixes the slider issue. but in the update changelog, you say “Fixed image slider for RTL layouts”

This is why I say it’s now working for RTL only for LTR.

Thanks for the details, I re-added this to the bug tracker so this will be fixed.

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