HivePress Compatible Email Customizer WordPress Plugin

Are there any WordPress plugins for email template customizing that are compatible with hivepress specific emails? (ie. Listing Approved)
I’m aware you could use the text editor to customize but I couldn’t figure out how to change my HTML to be compatible with the editor and I was also unable to find ready-made WordPress email template code.

I used to design my emails and then exported in HTML. I believe you make make 4 free exports/month on their free version. Once you have the email in HTML, you can copy and paste to wordpress and override the existing hivepress emails being sent out. :blush:

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Wouldn’t it be easier to just have a plugin that makes them all in to templates?
But I’m not sure which one is compatible with Hivepress

Yes, the easiest way is designing templates via a third-party tool or copying the HTML email template you’d like to use (for example Free Responsive Email Templates | Campaign Monitor). If you’re familiar with coding you can also override the common email template via a child theme.

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