HivePress Listings Crashing when "Enable Time Slots" Activated

Every time I “Enable Time Slots”, after enabling daily bookings in HivePress settings, when I click on my specific listings, the page crashes.

I’m hoping to use the “Enable Time Slots” function because it’s necessary for my website design. Please help!

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and will be fixed in the next Bookings update.

I noticed that when I “Enable Time Slots” I still have the same problem. How long does it take to get updates that fix issues like this? Thanks.

The next Bookings update is planned for this weekend and we’ll fix this, I reproduced the same issue locally and it seems to be specific to Time Slots.

Just following-up on the update. I noticed an update was pushed out for Marketplace. Do y’all still plan on pushing out an update for Bookings? Thanks.

Yes, I’m testing it right now so it should be released within 24-48 hours max.

Just touching base to see how the update is coming along. Thanks

Sorry for the delay, a new version (1.4.8) should be available now.

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