Holding security deposit

Hi guys, my platform www.jaunto.it allows the rental of vehicles between private individuals. I use rentalhive, woocommerce and stripe connect. I have set that the order is completed one day after the end of the booking, consequently the security deposit is refunded one day after the end of the booking, allowing the vehicle owner to check for any damages. However, how can the owner keep this security deposit, or a part of it to use it if necessary? Consider that:

  1. jaunto stripe sends the balance to the seller’s stripe account (owner) every 7 days if available;
  2. an owner can refund a user in part or in full for the first 7 days after payment.

So the question is: how can a user (owner) keep part or all of the security deposit?

Thank you all

Thanks for reporting this, indeed there’s no automatic way to add security deposit to the vendor’s balance. We added this to the Marketplace bug tracker, a temporary solution is sending the deposit amount manually (e.g. adding it to the Manual payouts or creating a manual transfer in Stripe Connect if you use it).

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