Home page search form fields

  1. How to remove location field in home page search form
    2 ) How to add date field (availability dates) to home page search form

Home Page Search form should be like
[Category | Date ]

Properties Search form should be :
Keywords| Category | Date

Thank you

  1. Try using this snippet to Remove the Location field from the listing search form #hivepress #geolocation · GitHub

  2. You can add search fields in the HivePress>Settings>Listings>Search>Default Fields section.

Thank you for the Point 1;

Point 2: there is no date field is available in the HivePress>Settings>Listings>Search>Default Fields section.

This search feature is available only if time slots and multiple bookings per time period are disabled, please check this in HivePress>Settings>Bookings.

Very disappointed to hear this!

My purpose is to search properties based on the available dates then book a time slot instead of exploring one by one for desired dates!!

It’s possible for date-based bookings, but if you offer time-based bookings there’s no such option yet - searching availability by time slots is much more complex (since the date becomes not available only if the last time slot is booked, and each listing can have a different time slot duration, allowed start and end booking times) but we plan to implement in future versions.