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  • Can I chage the homepage design by replacing the background with another image or slider on Experthive?
  • if I want to use theplusblocks builder to change the design, should I create a child theme to keep the site’s code intact or does it only make style changes?



  1. Yes, it’s possible to change the background color in Appearance/Customize/Colors. If you mean customizing the header layout to set a full-size background like this https://jobhive.hivepress.io/ then this would require CSS tweaks. If there’s a third-party slider (e.g. added via a plugin) you can add it to the header area by editing the Home page, and disable built-in header image stack in Appearance/Customize/Homepage.

  2. I checked it and it seems like a collection of blocks for the native WP editor (Gutenberg) so if you just use their blocks in the editor creating a child theme or code customizations are not required.

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I tried to add an image, but there is always a gap between the header menu and my image.

Also, I want to enable/disable the page headers, i.e. Services in the photo; would it be possible?

The page title shouldn’t actually appear if you set this page as the listings page in HivePress/Settings/Listings, if it appears please try this CSS:

.header-hero__title {display:none!important}

If you don’t use the Home page header section (the one above the More separator) please try this CSS snippet:

.home .header-hero {display:none!important}

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