Homepage featured image is getting blurred

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if this is a bug or not but need your help to fix this.
Most images on the homepage especially the featured image for the theme TaskHive are getting blurred. I have tried with all resolutions but it seems to be never working properly.

Also, if this is still a resolution issue, can you please tell me the exact resolution for the featured image of the homepage and also for the blogs to be used?

I am using Siteground’s inbuilt compression for the images (but the compression level is at the lowest i.e. 25%). I have tried by making

Can anyone please suggest a remedy?

Thanks in advance.

Please send a link to a page with blurred images and we’ll check this issue, there may be 2 reasons:

  • The image optimization lowers the quality
  • The source image size is smaller than the actual size

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