Homepage slider for Featured services still not working

I know this issue has been raised quite a few times many days back but I am still facing this issue.
Whenever we try to turn on the “slider” mode for the Featured Listings segment on the Homepage, the listing blocks become all squeezed and distorted, with fonts either coming out of blocks or spread alphabet by alphabet in the block.

Please look into this, as it will be great to have the slider feature available for the block.
BTW, the above is related to the TaskHive theme.


Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll try to find the solution. It occurs only if the total width of blocks is less than the screen width, otherwise it seems to be ok - please try increasing the number of listings to display as a temporary workaround.

Hi ihor, thank you for your reply. So when you are talking about increasing the number of listings, how many are needed?

The listing segment on my website has a column width of 3 and the number of listings are 6, but only the featured listings. Till now we have 9 featured listings available, which is more than the number to be displayed, but still, I am getting this issue.

So please help and let me know if there is a specific proportion we need to reach to avoid this distortion?

Please try using this slider with at least 6 listings, if the total width is more than the screen width it should be ok. If this issue persists with 6+ listings please send a link to your site and I’ll check it.
Also, please check if this issue occurs on the demo site (we have 6 listings there) https://taskhive.hivepress.io/

Hi ihor, I had the combination of 9 listings and 3 columns but it was still distorted.
Then I started playing around with the combinations and somehow I don’t know why but for Column=1 and Listings =9 it seems to be working like the one it is supposed to do for column=3 (without any distortions).
It is working now but I am not sure if this will break again in the next update, this seems to be just a lucky fix.
Can you suggest, if I should keep it like this for now or not?

Yes, please keep the categories set to 1 - the column width is calculated based on the screen width anyway. I guess we should disable the columns setting for the Listings block if the slider layout is enabled, to prevent this issue.

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Thanks ihor.

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