Host cannot accept or decline bookings

When a booking is requested, the host is sent an email to review it and the accept/decline buttons are visible, but are inactive.

Steps to reproduce

User requests a booking, host receives email and clicks link to view the booking and accept or decline it.

Actual result

Accept and decline buttons do not function (page doesn’t go anywhere)

Expected result

Clicking accept would convert the booking into a processing/confirmed booking and decline would cancel it

Extra details

Please check if the user of the vendor that has this issue has the Contributor (at least) role in WordPress/Users section.

If you add vendors manually please create a vendor profile for this user first, a user should have the Contributor role (at least). You can also check if this user appears in the drop-down while you add a new listing (type at least 3 characters to search users).

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Thank you so much - this worked!

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