Host to decide whether deposit is transferred back

Currently, if a host requires a deposit for a booking and the renter checks the box that everything was fine, he gets the deposit back. I want the host to be the one to decide if the deposit is paid back.

Use case for better understanding:
On my platform, users can rent products. I. e. User 1 (renter) rents a product from User 2 (Host) and has to pay a deposit. When the renter marks the rent to be over, he gets the deposit back. It would make much more sense if it would be the other way around and the host can decide if/when the deposit is paid back.

What can I do to change the process?

Thank you for reporting this. This feature is in the testing stage, and it will be released as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution for it. It requires advanced customization.

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