Hosts profile description reverted to previous version after a certain amount of days

Hello @ihor,

the following has happened to the same host several time:

## Steps to reproduce
A host description is being changed of a host profile. The new description is saved and visible.

## Actual result
After a certain amount of days, the description is set back to the previous version of the description.

## Expected result
The new description should be saved as intended. Unless the author/host decides to delete/change the description.

Extra details

This has happened to one profile several times. The description was changed by admins. The descriptions always reverts back to the previous version after a certain amount of days. Not sure if this has to do with HIVEPRESS Updates.

Thanks for the detailed bug report. Please make sure that you don’t edit the vendor (host) description directly in WordPress/Hosts, because the next time user saves their settings, their fields like first/last name and description will be synced with the host profile, they have a higher priority.

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