Hot to add guests number on filter search

I went to hivepress/settings/booking/guests and enable the option “Allow multiple places per booking”

I translated with LOCO the phrase places to guests. now I want to give an option to visitors to choose in the search form how many guests for booking so the results will show the listing that fit the number of guests that the host set.

How can I do it?

I want to ask another question that I have.
On the minimum and maximum duration of booking days, how can I set it when the user choose check-in date it will show a small popup according to host settings “minimum 2 days” and will disable to choose more than 2 days duration, like on Airbnb (now it’s able to choose 5 days even host set 2 days max)

  1. This search feature is available only if time slots and multiple bookings per time period are disabled; please check it in HivePress>Settings>Bookings.

  2. You’ve mentioned the “minimum booking” please make sure that you set the “maximum booking” instead because it limits the maximum number of dates, and the minimum one works vice versa.

Hi Yana, thank you for your reply.

I think you haven’t understood my meaning. for the second question. I’ve made a screen record to show you examples.

I’ve set on my website a scenario of a maximum booking duration of 7 days and a minimum booking duration of 3 days.

as you can see on the recording when I choose 1-day booking it set to 3 days automatically and when I choose 14 days it’s set automatically to 7 days.

it’s very bad for user experience so I look for something to make it like in Airbnb as you can see in the screen recording. on the Airbnb calendar, it’s don’t allow me to choose a 1-day duration and shows a note “2-nights minimum”. I want it also shown the same way on my website.

About the maximum duration, If I set 7 days maximum for booking duration so I want it to be like this: if I choose the check-in date so all dates after 7 days from the check-in date will be unavailable.

Hope you understand me.

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll try to improve the UX this way. In the current version if a bigger date range is selected it’s change to the maximum possible date period (and vice versa for the minimum booking period).

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