Hourly Booking availability variable by day

Is there the capacity to have availability differ by day or is is just set once and applies to all days that are not Blocked off?
For instance:
Monday: 1-3
Tuesday 3-5
Either repeating those by week or grouping repeated timeslots into one class registration? Or adjusted based on someone’s schedule changing for a specific day?

Can a single booking be for 2 hours (or another duration) if set by seller?

Sorry, there’s no such day-specific feature at the moment, but we plan to add it. currently it’s possible to select specific days of the week and set a common start/end availability time for them.

Does that mean that there is no way to charge a higher amount on weekends, for example?

Currently this would require manually selecting weekends for the following weeks in the calendar and setting the price, once we add “price per day of the week” feature this will be automatic.

So, will be a future update?

Yes, this feature is on the Bookings roadmap.

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